About Us

Joe Buabeng

Fitness Optimist is one of Maryland's most professional innovative, health and fitness organization in Laurel, MD. Founded by Joe Buabeng in April 2007 to provide the metropolitan area residents and corporations with the most convenient and advanced approaches to health and fitness.

We want to provide programs that utilize the proven skills and experience of your personal trainers and coaches to take advantage of a growing need for variety and uniqueness in health and fitness training.

"Fitop" team of professionals provide the best comprehensive solutions of programs to evaluate, develop and implement individuals, groups and corporate fitness solutions that provide an outstanding return on investment for all clients. We understand the problems individuals and corporations face on a day to day basis and we apply experience, convenience to enhance effective powerful and most dynamic programs that provides RESULTS!

We look forward to working with you towards your personal or corporate goals and objectives.

Yours in Fitness and in health,

Joe Buabeng